A New Approach and A New Experience in Addiction Treatment

Bridging the gap between active addiction and quality recovery – building on a foundation of advanced treatment components, proactive hope and customized care.  NuLife Treatment isn’t “A” treatment program, it is “Your” rehabilitation experience – an experience targeting long term quality sobriety that is unique to your life and to your situation…

Among the many key differences at NuLife residential drug treatment program is that we not only customize the level of care around the client’s recovery needs, we also customize it around their specific addiction traits and patterns.  This means that each individual begins their program at a unique point and with a unique focus, as the eight categories above highlight.  It is our commitment, from day-one, to provide a more integrative & effective avenue for attaining long-term, quality sobriety, resulting in a more valued way of life!

Whatever yours or your loved one’s situation may be, let us assure you that an effective recovery solution awaits you here at NuLife Residential Drug Treatment Program of Southern California. Maybe you have past experience at typical drug rehab centers; maybe your life is being shattered by chronic relapse; or maybe you feel completely lost and have absolutely no experience or background within the world of addiction treatment.  We’ve created this site as a guide to follow for virtually any scenario relating to substance abuse, addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders.


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