Sometimes we need a little extra something in life. Perhaps you’re working day in and out. You might have struggled through the initial challenges of detox and getting sober. Now, you’ve got a life rooted in routine and structure. Although you know it’s a healthy way to live and that it will keep you sober, you might need a little something extra to feel the excitement of your life again.

In fact, some people miss the addict’s life. Although they would never return to it, they miss the fun, excitement, risk-taking parts of that lifestyle. With sobriety, you might not feel that as much. After a year or two in your recovery, you might be yearning for something more.

Perhaps you need a vacation. Or perhaps you’re ready for a new romantic relationship. You might need to reconnect with some of your old passions. Although you know you want some spice to your life, perhaps the trouble is not knowing exactly what that extra spice is. You might need to look for exactly what it is you want in order to feel that boost.

The following are suggestions. Even if you don’t find something in this list that speaks to you, there might be some inspiration you glean from reading the tips below. You might think of something else, something fulfilling, meaningful, or even exciting.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.
  2. Quit smoking.
  3. Don’t get complacent. Keep challenging yourself!
  4. Reconnect with your religious and spiritual roots.
  5. Create the life you want! Start envisioning your future.
  6. Take on a social hobby to meet new people – a cooking class, for example.
  7. Pick up old hobbies that you left aside.
  8. Go back to school to pursue your intellectual interests.
  9. Improve your skills so that you are more attractive in the job market.
  10. Pursue what you’re good at.
  11. Take pride in taking responsibility for your health.
  12. Exercise on a regular basis and take care of your physical body.
  13. Find and develop healthy relationships.
  14. Make friends with those who lift you.
  15. Reconnect with those that distanced themselves during the addiction.
  16. Reach out to others in recovery.
  17. Lend a helping hand to those just starting the recovery process.
  18. Do what works for you, not what others suggest might work well.
  19. Move beyond feeling bad about yourself. It’s time to take action and heal.
  20. Become more and more self-aware. Learn about addiction and recovery.
  21. Take on an artistic hobby, as a way to express yourself.
  22. Build a network of support.
  23. Take long walks.
  24. Spend time in Nature.
  25. Talk to your parents and siblings.

Perhaps,  the above list can provide some food for thought. It can be easy to find the excitement in life, you might have to search for the right type of excitement for you.

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