360 Degree Care

Complete Addiction Treatment services in Los Angeles and Woodland Hills CA

Welcome to a more effective approach to residential addiction treatment in the heart of Los Angeles and Woodland Hills, California…

The NuLife Treatment 360 program guides clients through all stages of detox, treatment, recovery, aftercare and NuLife skills. Our comprehensive continuum of treatment services ensures that clients receive the appropriate level of care based on their specific needs.

There are a variety of elements that set us apart from what many have come to know as traditional higher-end drug rehab centers, as described in greater depth on Our Philosophy page.  These all play an integral role as to how it is we maintain such strong success rates industry wide.  Whereas many residential addiction treatment programs will place great emphasis on creating a treatment plan for today and tomorrow, at NuLife Treatment we go a step further and incorporate elements aimed at addressing the client’s past as it applies directly to their specific condition today.  This added component lays the foundation for our 360 program, and is an integral reason as to how we are able to often times improve length of sobriety by way of “quality” sobriety.

All levels of care include the elements of effective addiction treatment that NuLife is known for, including:

~ Personalized treatment
~ Evidence-based therapies 
~ Alternative therapies
~ Extensive Aftercare Planning 
~ Extended coping skills
~ Transitional Assistance and Support
~ Clinical and non-clinical services
~ Cutting Edge and Holistic Approaches 
~ Continued Outpatient Care
~ and much more!

The 360 Degree Care program means extending the hand of guidance and direction at every turn, from day-one on. From intervention to detox,through residential treatment, and ongoing outpatient support services,we won’t let go as you don’t! We will integrate the client’s individual needs within our varied program structures.This includes,utilizing our outside network of talented professionals for speciality services,plugging in varied ancillary services as needed and so on.Many clients find great benefit in utilizing our expanded array of services including;family therapy,holistic guidance,health and wellness activities and more.

This is the NuLife 360 Degree Program and it is the very foundation that drives the success of our current and past clients.

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