If you are in recovery, your own mental wellness is a very important part of your journey and healing. Altering your habits slightly to include healthy eating, fitness, and goals can be easy fixes to support your wellness and mental well being.

  1. Improve your diet. Try cutting out fried foods, excess carbs, sweets, and prepackaged foods to focus in on your personal wellness. The fuel you put in your body determines how you will run and feel, so take care to enjoy a well-balanced diet.
  2. Upgrade your fitness. Getting out for some exercise will do wonders for your mental clarity and physical well being. Pace yourself and increase intensity as you see fit.
  3. Maintain personal hygiene. Taking care of yourself physically, including health and exercise mentioned above, will make you feel better. Feeling confident and comfortable is important to your wellness, so consider even getting a new haircut or manicure to treat yourself.
  4. Create achievable goals. Creating a list and being able to check items off is a great way to maintain personal wellness. As simple as these goals or tasks may be, you will feel accomplished upon completion.


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