A 12-Step Alternative

Non 12 step holistic drug rehab centers in Southern CaliforniaThe 12-Steps for recovery were first formally introduced to the world in 1935.  They were the foundation for the original AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) groups.  Among the varied reasons as to why some people do not buy into 12-Step treatment approaches, is the fact that since their inception there has been a world of advancement in the science of addiction treatment protocols & services.  At the same rate however, millions of drug addicts and alcoholics worldwide have had their lives saved in lieu of the 12-Steps.

The NuLife Recovery Treatment program was formed around the fundamental principle that no two addicts or alcoholics are alike.  And while 99.9% of all licensed, experienced treatment professionals will agree with that statement, it seems perplexing that the vast majority of treatment centers basically force you to choose one specific approach to treatment or the other, prior to even getting to know it!  It simply defies logic; even more so when dealing with life or death matters such as chemical dependency.

Our core residential treatment program incorporates a variety of both, 12-Step and non 12-Step approaches that have shown to merge very well together.  For those seeking alternative recovery solutions we are able to accommodate in a variety of ways.  A few alternatives may consist of:

  • – SMART Recovery
  • – Comprehensive Holistic Approach (including the integration of Marino Wellness)
  • – Recovery based on Eastern Philosophies
  • – Faith-Based Approaches (Christianity, Judaism, etc)
  • – and more…


Let us share our experience for a moment…  Our vast experience has shown that those entering residential treatment with willingness to try varied approaches tend to establish a firmer foundation in recovery.  There are many reasons for this, the most notable of which being an improved likelihood for attaining the perfect match.  Beyond that however, added willingness means added commitment & flexibility, and like any other major change taking place in a person’s life, the transition into a recovered way of living can have its ups and downs.  Whether a 12-Step approach is or is not right for you, rest assured that the NuLife staff will guide you down this exciting new path to life, joy, family, success and the many untold blessings that await!

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