Although you may need to travel to some addiction treatment centers, going through drug rehab is not like going on a 2-week vacation to Hawaii. Addiction treatment isn’t meant to be fun – it’s a challenging experience that one goes through in order to change their life for the better. It’s important to point this out so that someone isn’t going into the experience of treatment with the wrong idea. In fact, if someone has a clear understanding that many parts of addiction treatment are going to be challenging, then he or she is more likely to rise to the occasion.

Although it’s common for many addiction treatment centers to provide certain services that might feel luxurious, the experience may still feel challenging. For instance, in addition to therapy, 12-step meetings, detox, and medication, an addiction treatment center might also provide yoga, meditation, nutritional meals, and equine therapy. There might be many luxurious benefits to attending a certain treatment center. However, it’s important to remember that no matter how luxurious a treatment center feels, the experience of detox, withdrawal, and sobriety may be a difficult experience.

The challenges that one can face while in treatment include:

  • -Experiencing difficult symptoms of withdrawal
  • -Leaving one’s familiar routine
  • -Feeling uncomfortable about having to change and facing the unknown
  • -Being surrounded by strangers
  • -Giving up certain personal freedoms
  • -Facing uncomfortable emotions like fear, shame, anger, and intense sadness
  • -Having to be under the care of others can feel uncomfortable for some
  • -Having to follow a strict routine
  • -Facing the discomforts of groups in 12-step meetings and recovery groups
  • -Not being able to come and go from treatment as one pleases


These are some discomforts that a person may face. Certainly, making the change to sobriety is alone a great challenge. And added to this are the smaller discomforts described above. When a person recognizes from the beginning that the experience of treatment is going to come with challenges, then he or she can be prepared for what’s to come.

Also, upon entering treatment, a person often realizes that the challenges and discomforts one experiences is the cost for later experiencing the benefits of a joyful life. This is the true prize that addiction treatment can offer someone – the possibility of change, the enjoyment of life without drugs and alcohol, the happiness of healthy and loving relationships, the pleasure of enjoying oneself, and the satisfaction of having set a goal and reached it. In fact, when one lays out the costs versus the benefits of addiction treatment, it might become clear that the experience of an enjoyable and sober life that one can create as a result of going through addiction treatment is worth all the trouble.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an addiction of any kind, contact a mental health professional for support. He or she can assist you with finding the right addiction treatment center to begin your journey of sobriety.

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