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A highly individualized & customized approach to residential addiction treatment that prioritizes the needs of the client above all else…

Drug addiction and alcoholism are known for their many unique characteristics.  They are unlike any other disease, condition or malady known to man. They exist on a multitude of levels and are driven by a multitude of variables, each of which being totally unique to the individual.  While to one person, chemical dependency might have started in the form of pain management following a major surgery earlier in life, to another, it may have been the ripple effect stemming from high school peer pressure that blossomed from alcohol to marijuana to cocaine and ultimately, full-blown addiction.  Add into the mix any potential mental health issues such as, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD, bipolar disorder, etc.  and you may begin to understand the depth and variation of what goes into the makings of an addict.

The reason we draw such vivid images of the depth and variation within the addiction cycle is so we can drive home the importance of approaching addiction treatment the right way.  There’s a reason why the relapse rate among graduates from traditional rehabs is well over 50% within the first 90 days following completion.  A primary reason for this has to do with over emphasizing their efforts toward the client’s future changes, while not addressing the client’s addictive patterns of the past as well as the behavioral components that served to further perpetuate them.  In the world of addiction treatment, you cannot build an effective road map for future success without conforming it in a manner that directly addresses their past experiences.

The concept of “Individual Addiction” is as important as the concept of “Individual Recovery.”  At NuLife Treatment we acknowledge this and address it at its core!  There are no shortcuts when it comes to building a road map for quality sobriety.  We will first gain a clear understanding of the past, and then together among a team of addiction treatment professionals, we will build and foster a platform for long-lasting success – this is the  NuLife way…

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