If you’ve been in recovery five or six or seven months, perhaps the initial zest to getting sober has worn off. Or it might be that you feel stuck or unhappy even though you’re sober. Perhaps you’re feeling worn out by the various treatment methods and you’re ready to break out of the routine of treatment.

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s common to feel the need for change. It’s natural to want to add some excitement to your life if you’re feeling bored and unchallenged. However, the key is to find this new excitement without relapsing and turning to drugs or alcohol. The absolute essential piece to your recovery is to stay sober. This leaves you with the challenge of finding some excitement in new ways.

As a teen or young adult, we are taught to believe that it’s the alcohol and drugs that make a night interesting. However, the danger develops when people believe that alcohol and drugs are required to have a good time. In other words, as a young person it’s easy to form the idea that without alcohol and drugs life is boring.

Yet, this is absolutely not the case for millions of people around the world. There are many people who have a blast in their lives and who have never had a drink in their life. So if you’re feeling the need for some excitement and you’re leaning towards alcohol and drug use, then perhaps it’s time to look at the strength of your commitment to stay sober. That’s the essential first task.

Perhaps re-committing yourself to your sobriety is the way to begin. For instance, Cherie Bledsoe, determined to recover from her mental illness and addiction, wrote the following recovery pledge to strengthen her commitment to recovery:

A Recovery Pledge

I acknowledge that I am in recovery.

I believe that all people are made up of more than just their mental health diagnosis.

I believe in the principles of recovery…that the journey is unique for each person, it requires the will to recover, it is a self-directed process of discovery, it is non-linear with unexpected setbacks and it requires self-effort, endurance and courage.

I believe in the essence of recovery that all individuals can live a full life and participate as citizens of our community.

I understand that education and self-advocacy are keys to my recovery.

I believe that it is important for family, friends, providers, and my peers to join together as partners to build a community of hope.

Perhaps a pledge such as this one can fortify your sobriety so that you’re willing to stay sober no matter the level of excitement in your life.

At the same time, if you’re feeling strong in your recovery, then perhaps you need to get creative. How can you add excitement without drugs and alcohol? The following are some suggestions:

  • -Travel to a foreign country
  • -Jump back into the dating scene
  • -Focus on establishing your career
  • -Return to a creative project you’ve been meaning to finish
  • -Take some time off work and spend time with family


These are a few suggestions to consider. However, if you give your attention and time to ways to add excitement to your life without alcohol and drugs, you’re sure to find some of your own answers.

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