Admissions Packing Guide

Items needed when admitting to Inpatient program:

·Enough comfortable wash and wear clothing for 5-7 days. We provide washers/dryers & detergent.
·A variety of clothing items for comfortable and formal occasions.
·Exercise clothing & exercise shoes.
·Appropriate sleepwear.
·Sweaters/Jackets for Fall-Spring or light jacket/sweatshirt for summer.
·Summer wear: walking shorts, T-shirts, hat, sunscreen. (Clothing must cover mid-section/stomach completely and have an appropriate neckline for female residents)
·Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, deodorant, hair dryer, lotion, shaving supplies (kept locked up). Body wash, shampoo/conditioner is provided. (NO PRODUCTS CONTAINING ALCOHOL WILL BE ALLOWED)
·Prescribed medications and a credit card or cash for co-pays/prescriptions or extra supplies (All medications, credit cards and/or cash will be kept in a safe and not accessible until the appropriate phase is reached, unless otherwise decided upon by clinical team)
·Driver’s license and insurance card & prescription card if different from medical insurance card.
·If you use any tobacco products, please bring enough for a min of 30 days.
·Sunglasses are allowed to be worn outdoors only.
·Hobby items to keep occupied on free time are highly recommended (for example: sketchbooks, cards, books etc., any electronic items will only be approved once the appropriate phase is reached.)

NOTE: It is advisable to pack a small bag with essentials for your immediate 24-hour needs as your baggage may not be available until staff can check it.

We Do Not Allow:

-No outside food or drinks. We maintain a moderate sugar environment and provide a limited supply of caffeinated beverages.
-No cell phones, pagers, computers, tablets, PDA’s, music equipment, TV’s, DVD players,radios, clock radios iPods/MP3 players will be allowed in our Residential Treatment Program. These items may be approved once the appropriate phase is reached. Televisions and Wi-Fi access are provided in all of our residential homes.
·E-mail, Internet, or computer access is limited to clinical team approval. Access is usually based on reason for use, compliance and attendance to all program activities, in addition to your level of care.
·Products containing alcohol.
·Sharp objects. (e.g. razors, knives, scissors)
·Expensive jewelry or excessive cash.
·Tanning oils, other self-tanning products, hair dye, or bleaching products.

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