Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Treatment Center for Alcoholism in Los Angeles, CaliforniaAlcoholism affects a large segment of the world’s population and is the cause for many devastating occurrences such as; DUI/DWI’s, auto accidents, home accidents, violence, deterioration of health, loss of job, family breakdown, etc.  The American Medical Association defines alcoholism as, “A primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations.”  Essentially, no matter what the gravity of the slew of reasons may be to stop drinking, the alcoholic is unable to stop.

When an alcoholic enters the NuLife Treatment care cycle, the first thing we do is find out as much as we can about their history, physical condition, mental/emotional condition, etc.  Our medical staff will perform diagnostics and assess their current situation, as well as develop a methodical plan of recovery for alcohol abuse treatment.  Often times, alcoholics coming off a regimen of consuming large quantities daily, will require a period of medical detoxification prior to entering residential treatment.  During this brief period we will address the withdrawal symptoms in a manner that is safe, comfortable and effective.  Those who live the “alcoholic” lifestyle are also commonly known for intermingling other substances such as cocaine and pills.  Nonetheless, our highly regarded staff is always prepared (24/7) to address the individual’s needs, whatever they may be.

Whether you or your loved one are struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction or a combination thereof, the NuLife Program will address the condition from an individualized, whole-body approach that consistently shows a higher rate of success than other avenues.  We believe wholeheartedly in the prospect of living a wonderful life and we are here for you day and night, seven days a week!


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