A recent study out of the School of Oral and Dental Sciences in Bristol, England has proved strong ties between exposure to alcohol use in films and teenage drinking. According to lead author Andrea Waylen, 15-year-olds in the UK who had been exposed to drinking in movies were most likely to have tried alcohol- and twice as likely as the least exposed to have been binge drinking.

“At age 15, more than 5,000 of the kids completed a computer-based interview, assessing whether they had seen 50 randomly selected popular contemporary movies. Researchers had coded how many seconds of alcohol use appeared in each film, and totaled the amount each kid had seen based on their answers. Those who had the least exposure to images of alcohol had seen 27 minutes or fewer in the study films. The next highest groups had seen 28 to 44 minutes, then 45 to 63 minutes, and those who had seen the most had seen more than 63 minutes.”

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