The NuLife Residential Drug Treatment Program provides a complete menu of services centered around a personalized approach.  Our programs range from 30 to 90 days which include varied approaches and intensive treatment protocols & activities.  We have found that our level of personal care and sober-life-development has shown a substantially higher than normal likelihood for attaining both, quantity as well as quality sobriety.
When it comes to treating drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency and other like matters, it is critical to approach the process from a full-scope perspective that takes into account many components.  We as a program staff are not interested in helping you attain brief intervals of sobriety that don’t address core issues which, often times, appear to have no surface correlation to the addictive thoughts and patterns.  Our focus is on longevity, growth, quality recovery, valued living and the many related life elements that occur as a result.
The NuLife Residential Drug Treatment Program includes a near endless array of elements when you consider the added personalized options.  For instance, while one client may find great benefit in advanced protocols like neurofeedback, EMDR and brain mapping, another might become enthralled in holistic treatments and music therapy, not to mention our own in-house recording studio.  This is simply not your ordinary drug rehab center!  However, our core program does entail the following and more:
– Complete Intake Assessment & Treatment Planning
– Private and Group Therapy
– Mediation Management (if needed)
– Complete Detox Transitioning
– 12-Step and Non 12-Step Recovery Protocols
– In-Depth Relapse Prevention
– Substance Abuse Education
– Additional Therapy Types (cognitive, behavioral, etc)
– Advanced Treatment Approaches
– Acupuncture
– Holistic Therapies and Regimens
– Private Recovery & Life Coaching
– Music Therapy (in-house recording studio also available)
– Sober-Life Integration Skills
– Outside Activities
– Social Activities
– Wellness program
– and much more…