One of the fears that some people have when they think about getting sober is boredom. They fear that life will be boring, lacking the excitement that drugs and drinking seem to bring. However, in fact, the opposite can be true. As a recovering addict continues to stay sober, they are sure to find many reasons to celebrate their life.

It’s true that someone in recovery needs to find a new way to celebrate. In fact, it might feel strange in the beginning to be around others at a celebratory event and not have alcohol or drugs. Nonetheless, it’s very possible to enjoy the fullness of life without alcohol or drugs. Here are some wonderful reasons to continue to celebrate life without drinking or using drugs:

  • -Sobriety birthday
  • -Christmas or other holidays
  • -New job
  • -New home
  • -Winning an award
  • -Getting a promotion
  • -Recognition for a job well done
  • -Passing an exam
  • -Birth of a child
  • -Getting married
  • -Starting a new relationship
  • -Having more and more sober friends to celebrate with
  • -Appreciating one’s spiritual or religious life
  • -Winning some money
  • -Completing a major accomplishment


These and many other occasions are reasons to celebrate. However, even if you don’t have a reason to celebrate, what’s fun about life is that you can create one!  Here are a few ways that you can make life feel celebratory, even if you don’t have a reason:

  • -Say “I love you” to someone.
  • -Send a card to someone you love.
  • -Smile to those you pass on the street.
  • -Watch a sunset or sunrise.
  • -Reminisce with someone about pleasant memories
  • -Get involved in a charity to help make the world a better place
  • -Take someone out to dinner.
  • -Have a piece of chocolate.
  • -Go to a museum and celebrate art.
  • -Dive into playing an instrument that you love.
  • -Give support to a complete stranger.
  • -Let yourself indulge in a dessert you love.
  • -Go out dancing.
  • -Get creative.
  • -Join a sports club and celebrate achievements with your peers.
  • -Make a list of what you are grateful for in life.


There are many reasons to celebrate life – you might have to search for them. For instance, you might feel grateful for the fact that you have family and friends around to support you. And that might lead you to feel grateful for the ability to work and earn money. And that might lead to feeling good about the fact that you have a home to reside in.

It can take some time in sobriety to discover what is most meaningful in life. However, once someone makes this transition, many recovering addicts become unwilling to risk what they have just for a drink or drugs. Life itself becomes worthy of celebrating! In fact, many recovering addicts become protective of the meaning they’ve found in life.

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