Treatment for Chronic Relapsers

Addiction Treatment Program for Chronic Relapse PreventionWhy is it that one person will enter residential treatment and remain sober for years to come, while another person bounces in and out of rehab centers following ongoing and devastating relapses?  No matter what they do, no matter how much money or expertise they throw at the problem, things just continue onward in a seemingly endless vicious cycle of pain and despair.  Over the years, as the hope dwindles and the residual pain takes its toll, the loved ones just can’t bear to stand by and watch!

The fact of the matter is that these types of addicts and alcoholics require an enhanced approach toward recovery. We aren’t talking about the individual who gets sent to rehab against their will or as a means of getting back something he or she lost; we’re talking about the person who genuinely wants to remain sober and is willing to put in the work, yet cannot manage to remain clean over the long haul.  For whatever clinical or non-clinical variation of forces, they cannot seem to find the eventual relief from that debilitating obsession that eventually overtakes their better judgement. Treatment for chronic relapsers is possible.

The NuLife addiction treatment approach toward treating those struggling with chronic relapse places added focus on:

  • – Expanded Psych Diagnoses Protocols
  • – Medication Management for Potential Co-occurring Disorders.
  • – In-Depth Diagnostic Therapies and Subsequent Treatments
  • – Added Holistic Measures Addressing Cravings, Obsessive Thoughts, etc
  • – Enhanced Focus on Valued Living & Enjoyment 
  • – Expanded Relapse Prevention Techniques Geared for “This” Individual
  • – and more…

There is absolutely no reason to continue the wave of suffering brought on by perpetual relapses…there is a solution!  At NuLife Treatment we’ll be here to uncover every component that drives this cycle, and more importantly, to resolve it and even spin it in a way the can serve to further bolster long-term quality sobriety.

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