Co-Occurring Disorders

Dual-Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment CenterCo-occurring disorders, also referred to as dual-diagnosis disorders, are the parallel existence of other mental and/or psychological conditions on top of the substance abuse matters.  A prime example of such a scenario might be that of a Vietnam Vet with residual PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that is now a full fledged alcoholic.  However, as addiction medical science has improved by leaps and bounds, it has become clear that more and more alcoholics and drug addicts are in fact, suffering from such conditions that only serve to perpetuate their problems.  Unfortunately many go undiagnosed for years and are consequently stuck in a vicious cycle that could have more than likely been addressed!

Some of the more common conditions would be; PTSD, bipolar, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, clinical depression, etc.  Addicts and alcoholics experiencing such maladies typically have a higher rate of relapse, especially when such conditions go untreated.  And while modern society has become accustomed to simply throwing medication at it and moving on, we here at NuLife Treatment believe in taking a more integrative approach.

All new clients will be seen by our staff therapists and psychiatrist in order to assess mental, emotional and psychological conditions.  For those diagnosed as having co-occurring disorders, we employ a broad scope approach that includes elements such as; medication, holistic treatments, expanded therapies and other ancillary services.  We believe in taking a whole-person approach and using multiple tools.  When it comes to matters like addiction and the enormous ripple effect it has, taking shortcuts never pays off.  At NuLife Residential Treatment we’ll effectively address the client’s needs on multiple levels…


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