Misuse and abuse of oxycodone was often attributed to its ability to be crushed or dissolved for a quick high. In 2010, manufacturers of the high-dose opioid painkiller OxyContin switched over to an abuse-deterring formula, one that essentially made the painkillers crush-resistant. A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine has taken a look at the effects of this change, citing that the switch to the crush-resistant formula has resulted in substantial drops in both abuse and overdose.

“Against the predicted trend of opioid prescriptions, this represented a 19% decrease following the 2010 changes. Further, the estimated rate of overdose also dropped – by 20%…’Our results have significant implications for policymakers and health care professionals grappling with the epidemic of opioid abuse and overdose. Changes imposed through regulatory mandates or voluntary company actions may be a viable approach to stemming prescription abuse.'”

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