Cutting-Edge Neuroscience in Treatment

Neurofeedback and advanced neuroplasticity treatment for substance abuseThe NuLife concept is founded in the principle that, the treatment of addiction and related mental health maladies is such, that it merits the need to use every possible tool available. Given the many variables as well as its potentially deadly consequences, the thought of not using every available means for recovery is simply not a consideration to us. Consequently, we have teamed up with various industry professionals as a means for combining the latest in cutting-edge neuroscience within our already highly integrative and broad approach.

Clients enrolled in the NuLife Residential Program are afforded a very unique opportunity. Through an in-depth, fully customized partnership in tact with the renowned Dr. Kevin Fleming of Grey Matters International, ours is the first drug rehab facility nationwide to solidify such an integration. Clients opting for this added cutting-edge recovery solution are able to have it designed based specifically around their unique clinical needs, while having it seamlessly integrated within their daily treatment plan. This partnership essentially enables the client to receive a level of advanced neuro-based care that is otherwise not traditionally available within a residential-inpatient treatment setting.  In short, it is the best of both worlds!

Dr. Fleming brings forth the latest in the evolution of neurotechnology based protocols, of which consistently show remarkable impact in terms of both, quantity and quality of sobriety.  By merging Nulife’s integrative treatment services within the scope of such advanced recovery solutions, the overall impact often surpasses the addiction factor and has shown to improve elements relating to depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder and more (without the use of medication).

A logical question might be, “With such profound results commonly seen, why don’t more facilities offer this type of hybrid approach to recovery?”  The simple answer is this, it takes a certain core treatment model in order maximize the long-term benefits provided by such a partnership.  The nature of NuLife’s fluid blend of holistic and clinical services is such that when effectively combined, the end result is the creation of a full-scope treatment center in which each methodology bolsters the other.  While cutting-edge neurotechnology can change your brain’s neural networks that crave and set you up for sabotage, supporting this by including it within our truly unique treatment model means that other contributing elements are equally addressed, thereby creating a platform for success all the way around!

Prime candidates for this added component would be:

  • – Those with co-occurring mental health issues such as depressions, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADD, etc.
  • – Those with a history of relapse
  • – Those struggling with integrating a sober lifestyle within stressful life scenarios such as, corporate executives, professional athletes, students, parents, actors/actresses, etc.


For more specific information on Dr. Fleming’s expertise and background please visit our staff page or view his professional bio.


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