An incredibly potent and popular form of marijuana called butane hash oil, or BHO, has recently divided the cannibis community as well as the health industry in general. While the legalized marijuana industry is still quite new, state and federal governments have implemented regulations and continue to develop rules and laws. Hash oil, however, is a new product in a still-new territory- one that the government is not yet able to regulate. Because making BHO is illegal, the products are not proven safe, do not have to comply with regulations, and are often made in hazardous environments without concern for health or safety of users.

“Demand for the intense high BHO delivers has birthed a massive underground industry, with federal and state governments at a loss for how to regulate it and potheads and entrepreneurs accidentally incinerating themselves trying to make it. Several pot-shop owners in California, where selling BHO is legal but making it is not, told BuzzFeed News that it now accounts for about 40% of sales. But while many stoners take BHO’s presence on dispensary shelves as a sign that it is just as safe as weed itself, others find the noxious goop inherently suspicious, and the people who are making, selling, and regulating hash oil admit they know very little about the product.”

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