Traveling always feels fun. You’re free to do what you wish, when you want, and with whomever you choose. You’re living life on your own terms! Yet, that freedom can easily lead you down a train of thinking that lets you make choices you might later regret. This can be especially true if you’re traveling with friends or family who are ready to have a good time too! But for them sobriety is not an issue. For them, having fun means drinking and perhaps even drug use.

So, how do you protect yourself. There’s a good chance that there’s a big part of you that wants to let go and have fun too! You might remember what it was like to drink, get drunk, and have a whirl of a time. You might even miss that life. At the same time, you’re sober for a reason. It’s important to also reflect back on why you’re sober, the path that led up to choosing sobriety, and the consequences you might have experienced because of it. It’s important to reflect back on what your life and the pros and cons you experienced with drinking.

Yes, getting on that plane is likely going to create a feeling of playfulness. You might feel the kind of playfulness you felt when you were drinking or using drugs. You might feel like your travel is a special journey and that you’ve deserved it and that you can have just one drink. It will be okay, you think to yourself.

Of course, there’s a danger there with this kind of thinking. It might seem as though one drink can be harmful, but one leads to another and another. The same is true with using drugs. One hit of marijuana could lead to meth use or cocaine use or more drinking. In order to protect yourself during your travels, you might want to consider creating a plan for your journey.

Having a plan might take away from the spontaneity and fun of traveling, but if it’s going to keep you sober, then it’s worth it! In fact, you might create a plan with a drug counselor or therapist before you leave. Your plan might include things like:

  1. Stay in touch with your sponsor on your travels.
  2. Have a list of numbers to call immediately when you’re feeling the craving to drink or use drugs.
  3. Bring a package of items on your travels that can comfort you on your travels, such as music you like, an inspirational book, or foods you enjoy.

Also, if you’re visiting family this summer, remember that family can sometimes be a trigger. For some recovery addicts, family members are a strong source of support and love. However, for others, returning to the family home and old family dynamics can be triggering and risky for relapse. If you want to protect your sobriety when you travel this summer, consider making a plan for yourself to avoid relapse and keep yourself safe.

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