For those truly engulfed in the horrors of substance abuse, the treatment process must transcend the existence of addiction on all levels.

There are many people that are able to find peace in sobriety after just mild run-ins with problems during the course of active addiction and/or alcoholism. To some, a DUI or the threat of a spouse leaving is enough to jar them out of a potentially devastating pattern. The reality of their situation sets in real quickly. Somehow, someway, they’re still blessed with having some element of choice. Addiction has yet to steal every last ounce of freedom from their lives.

Then there are those that are perpetually in a pattern of doom, no matter what they do they’re simply unable to find some level of contentment and peace while active in recovery.  At the same rate, while in active addiction they’re just as miserable, if not more! Their lives are a constant push-pull and all the while, friends and family are standing on the outskirts without any ability to change them. It’s an abyss that totally redefines the misery of existence as a hope-to-die drug addict or alcoholic.

Going through the drug addiction treatment process is a very unique experience to each individual. We hear the term “drug rehab” thrown around with such indifference that we often times lose sight of its core purpose, to create lifelong change at a soulful level. For those true drug addicts that have had their lives literally ripped out from under them, the recovery process must be comprised of such depth and weight that it can effectively counter the devastatingly strong presence of chemical dependency.

The goal extends far beyond simply remaining clean. The goal is, in a sense, finding new levels of peace in and around them. Addiction and alcoholism are commonly referred to as 3-fold diseases, affecting the mind, body and soul. Remaining clean and sober is but a beginning; the real magic must occur on a soulful level that enables the sufferer to remain sober throughout the endless daily hurdles in life that most others view with impunity. It is possible, we see it everyday here at NuLife Recovery!

If this sounds like you or someone you know, give us a call and find out more on our one-of-a-kind drug addiction treatment program that merges advanced neuroscience, holistic components, 12-step recovery, music therapy and so much more!  We here here for you 7 days a week at (888) 508-1179 or feel free to use our confidential online contact form.


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