Drug Treatment Aftercare & Sober Living

Addiction Aftercare and Sober Living HomesThe staggering fact is, when it comes to the rate of relapse among those completing standard treatment and jumping right back into life, the rate of relapse within 90 days is said to be as high as even 80 percent!  It is a mind blowing statistic.  

The staff at NuLife Treatment has seen and worked within nearly all facets of the addiction treatment world; we have seen what works and what doesn’t.  We know, without question, that people who are new in sobriety tend to gravitate toward the path of comfort and familiarity, while often times being unaware of it.  The key to bolstering a new found sobriety and way of life is to create staggered transition points that enable one to practice this wonderful and powerful new set of tools, while affording a buffer zone which adds a protective layer. Drug treatment aftercare and sober living provides a proactive support network that will aid in the transition following treatment.

Our ultimate goal here at NuLife Treatment is to create and foster effective pathways leading to long-term, quality sobriety resulting in valued living. Here at NuLife,we have developed extensive relationships with transitional living facilities, which offer safe and supportive environments.The affords residents day-to-day freedom,while also providing them the benefits of a proactively supportive environment in which to practice applying the many new responses and recovery tools attained during treatment.

Most Transitional Living Facilities Include Features And Services such as:

  • – An upscale & amenity-rich environment
  • – Mandatory onsite drug/alcohol testing
  • – Management presence 24/7
  • – Daily check-in and monitoring requirements
  • – Daily support structure & services
  • – Encouraged involvement in outside support groups such as; 12-step, faith-based, holistic, etc.
  • – Ancillary recovery services available as needed such as; sober coaching, life coaching, outpatient treatment, private therapy, etc
  • – Located in a quiet, professional-type Calabasas, CA residential neighborhood
  • – Comforts such as; wifi, satellite television, onsite laundry, gaming room, in-house recording studio, pool, jacuzzi, enclosed backyard
  • – Parking available
  • – Strong alumni following and network services
  • – Promoting “sober fun” events such as; bbq’s, pool parties, holiday parties, birthday celebrations and more…

Transitioning into a healthy and proactive sober living home environment can make all the difference in one’s program of recovery.  We believe, and our experience shows, that clients following our suggested path of life-reintegration will improve their chances at attaining long-term quality sobriety by as much as 50 percent!


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