A recent assessment report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has delved deeper into the risks of e-cigarette use, or vaping. Although many are quick to assume that this electronic form of smoking is risk-free, there are still a number of health risks associated with e-cigarettes. Because e-cigs supply nicotine in the same quantity as regular cigarettes, nicotine’s harmful effects are the same. Bystanders can also ingest the same amount of nicotine from vapor as they would from cigarette smoke. However, the long-term health risks are still under investigation and the NIPH agrees that more research is necessary to better understand extended risks.

“‘In Norway, it is mainly smokers and former smokers who use e-cigarettes. The question is if this will still be the case if e-cigarettes become more accessible. It is important to avoid e-cigarettes becoming a trend among adolescents and young adults, or to introduce non-smokers to nicotine addiction and tobacco use,’ says Dr. Camilla Stoltenberg, Director-General at the NIPH.”

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