A recent study out of the University of York has highlighted that cannabis psychosis is more common among men than women. While the relationship of cannabis and psychosis has been explored through the years, gender has not been a central part of the research. The new research from York’s Department of Health Sciences analyzed 11-year data sets to better understand cannabis psychosis development. The trends suggest that males are 2x as likely as women to use the cannabis, as well as 4x as likely to suffer from cannabis psychosis.

Researcher Ian Hamilton explained: “The marked gender difference in rates of cannabis psychosis is puzzling. It is possible that mental health and specialist drug treatment services, which have a disproportionate number of men, are identifying and treating more males with combined mental health and cannabis problems. However it is also possible that women with cannabis psychosis are not being identified and offered treatment for the problems they develop. When it comes to cannabis psychosis gender does matter.”

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