There are many advantages to getting treatment even before you are ready to get sober. One reason is that it allows you to examine the pros and cons of the way your life is going now. And this can be particularly true for addiction treatment. If you’re struggling with whether or not to get sober or if you’re considering getting sober but cannot quite make the change, treatment beforehand can be incredibly helpful.

Another reason is that treatment can help someone weigh the costs and benefits of continuing an addiction. Often addicts experience pulls in opposite directions. They want to quit because they see the damage that addiction is creating. At the same time, they do not want to quit because they are psychologically and physically addicted to the highs of the substance(s) they’re taking. The high of the drug might be a way to alleviate depression, mania, or anxiety. Drugs and alcohol are often used to help people feel better. In fact, one of the most common reasons why an addiction develops is because people want to escape from emotional or physical pain.

There are many pros and cons to consider when you are experiencing addiction and you are contemplating getting sober. An addict has created a way of life that includes drinking or drug use. Cycles of behavior, thinking, and emotions have been created that stimulate and surround the substance use. Ending a drug addiction would mean creating a whole new life and someone may or may not be prepared to make such a change. Yet, one of the advantages of engaging in drug treatment even before you choose to quit or get sober is that you have the opportunity to assess how your life is going. You can examine what your life would be like if you were to get sober, and you can explore what life will be like if you continue to drink or use drugs. Also, with early treatment once a person arrives at the decision that sobriety is best then treatment can include creating the right support in life so that that change can occur in the safest way possible.

Another very important advantage to getting addiction treatment before you get sober is that you can look at the reasons why you are drinking or using drugs. For instance, if you find that you tend to drink when you are feeling anxious, then it’s possible that taking anxiety medication might be a way to bring an addiction to alcohol to an end. At the same time, if you find that you are drinking because you are going through a challenging divorce or because you just lost your job, then treatment can include working through those situations with someone to assist you.

Also, another reason you might consider getting treatment before you’re ready to get sober is that you can create a safety plan as you let go of the addiction. In other words, you and a therapist, drug counselor, or psychologist can create a plan for safety, including all the levels of support you might need as you attempt to get sober. Having a psychological and physical addiction is a difficult experience that might have repercussions if not handled appropriately. Ensuring that you have the right support around you can make the difference between whether you stay sober or not. For instance, support might include:

  • -Attending a residential treatment center
  • -Calling family and friends and letting them know you’re getting sober so that they can provide their support
  • -Talking to your doctor
  • -Attending 12-step meetings
  • -Continuing to see a therapist/psychologist
  • -Taking medication for any withdrawal symptoms
  • -Making a plan for plenty of self-care.


Getting treatment before you get sober is a great way to get support before you make one of the most difficult changes of your life.

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