A recent research study published in Social Science and Medicine has highlighted that heavy drinkers and drug users tend to underestimate their levels of consumption in comparison to others’. The study utilized responses to the Global Drugs Survey (GDS), which is the world’s biggest survey on drug use. While 68% of respondents were drinking at harmful/hazardous levels, 83% of them felt their levels of drinking were low or average. Illegal drug users showed similar patterns- heavy or frequent users acknowledged that they used more than moderate users, but still downplayed their levels of use.

An interesting finding came in the way of those who wanted to cut down on alcohol or drug use: “A considerable proportion of GDS respondents wanted to reduce their existing levels of consumption. Thirty six per cent wanted to drink less alcohol and 25 per cent wanted to reduce their use of illicit drugs – mainly cannabis and cocaine. The desire to cut down was linked to respondents’ actual and perceived levels of use. Heavier users, and those who saw themselves as such, were more likely to want to reduce their consumption than those who used less or thought they did.”

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