Heroin is an incredibly challenging drug to quit. Its level of addictive quality is high, which makes it hard to say no to. However, its ability to minimize pain and bring a sense of pleasure to one’s life is just as high adding even more in favor of using heroin. This is likely why so many Americans have gotten hooked on the drug.

And it’s not only those who struggle with their lives, but celebrities (people who we believe have easy lives) have also had their time with the deadly drug. The following is a list of famous actors and other celebrities who have

-Russell Brand (actor in the movie The Guardian) said that heroin was able to neutralize his pain and admitted to the dangers of losing power over an addiction.

-Steven Tyler of Aerosmith wrote in his autobiography that he was spending over $2000 a week on heroin, cocaine, and alcohol.

-Chris Herren, former NBA basketball player, also wrote in his autobiography that doing drugs is a sort of hell. It’s not what people think, he wrote, that people doing drugs are high all the time. It’s torture.

-Eric Clapton was addicted to heroin in the early 1970’s and with the help of friends he was able to quit in 1974.

-The actor Samuel L. Jackson admitted to overdosing on heroin two times in his life. He said that it was a bad time in his life and that he was not happy with who he was then.

-Corey Feldman, an actor since a young age, was arrested in 1990 for possessing heroin. He told a major news magazine that heroin was the only drug that really took him down fast. It was awful, he said.

-Ozzy Osbourne struggled with drugs and particularly heroin for many years. He went in and out of rehab to get sober. And today he acknowledges that there is always hope for someone struggling with a heroin addiction and that recovery is possible any time.

-Model Nicole Richie said that she was using cocaine before the age of 18 and that soon after got involved with pills and then heroin.

-Angelina Jolie also admitted on a 60 Minutes TV program that she tried almost every drug out there, including heroin.

-Robert Downey Junior was arrested many times for drug charges, including heroin possession. He got sober and has had a flourishing acting career since.

Seeing that celebrities also struggle with addiction can be a model for those struggling with addiction. Even people who lead successful lives make poor choices from time to time. Along these lines, it’s important to also notice that many of the above named celebrities didn’t succeed until they got sober and their lives with drugs were long over.


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