Cocaine is an incredible stimulant. It’s going to make you feel good….really good. And that’s why it’s such an addictive drug. Given the troubles that everyone faces in their life, why not have something that turns your world into a joyful and euphoric one?

Well, the dangers are probably obvious. The more you use the drug, the more you want to use it. And the more you want to use it, the more you’re thinking about cocaine and only cocaine. An addiction to cocaine can turn into an experience of caring about nothing else but getting high. In fact, one study in the 1980’s revealed just how deadly the drug is. The experiment took a rat and placed it alone in a cage. It then placed two bottles of water from which the rat could drink – plain water and water injected with cocaine. Once the rat tasted the water with cocaine, it continued to go back again and again and again, until it was dead.

Likely the only thing that keeps people from going back again and again to cocaine is the lack of funds to pay for the drug. And the drug can be expensive. It’s certainly not a poor man’s drug. According to Narcotic News, a kilogram of cocaine sells for:

  • -Fresno $20,500 – $26,500
  • -Los Angeles  $15,000 – $20,000
  • -San Diego  $14,500 – $21,000
  • -San Francisco  $20,000 – $27,000


In fact, if you’re reading this and you’re using the drug, it’s a life-saving choice to get addiction help. Getting clean may not be easy. You’re very likely not going to be able to free yourself on your own. That’s not to say that you don’t have the power to do it. But addiction is an illness that affects both your physical and psychological well being. Just one thought can send you spiraling into a relapse and you’re back in the addiction again.

Although it’s not easy, getting sober can save your life. But you should know what you’re in for: when you enter a treatment center, you will likely move through the processes of detox, withdrawal and stabilization. There will be a psychological withdrawal along with the physical withdrawal and this will likely feel uncomfortable. The initial crash of the withdrawal can vary in time and intensity. For some it can last for a few hours, while for others detox can last for days. However, in research studies, cocaine withdrawal resolves its intensity within 24 hours. An addiction treatment center can help you through the difficult psychological withdrawal symptoms, such as low mood states and even symptoms of depression.

Studies indicate that the continued use of cocaine can include other dangers such as criminal activity. Crime might include stealing money to maintain an addiction, and possibly over time, a cocaine addiction could even lead to long-term life of crime. If you are struggling with a cocaine addiction, be sure to contact a mental health provider today. It can save your life!

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