The Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains that 30% of all motor vehicle deaths are associated with alcohol-related crashes. This amounts to 30 deaths per day, or over 10,000 per year. The tragic and too-common result of drunk driving is being addressed in the form of an ignition interlock device. The mechanism, to be installed in the dashboard of new vehicles, would function as a breathalyzer to measure blood alcohol content. In order to start the car, the driver would have to blow a BAC within the legal limits. If not, the vehicle would not start.

Presently, people who are convicted of drunk driving are often required to install an interlock device in their cars to prevent future driving under the influence. Implementing this type of device in all new cars could be the answer to minimizing drunk driving deaths. A study out of University of Michigan Injury Center explains the data further:

The study results suggest that 85% of alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths and 84-88% of nonfatal injuries in the US could be prevented over a 15-year period through installation of interlock devices in all new vehicles. This equates to 59,554 lives saved and around 1.25 million nonfatal alcohol-related vehicle crashes prevented, according to the researchers.

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