Professional Addiction Intervention Services

Addiction Intervention Planning in Los Angeles CaliforniaThis is an extremely trying time for the family, we know!  The process of doing everything in your power as a means of getting your son, daughter, husband, wife, sibling, parent or anyone else into an addiction treatment center can seem endlessly grueling and even futile.  It seems as if they are so far removed from reality or simply do not care, and at this point it almost doesn’t even matter anymore.  You’re at the end of your rope and the time is NOW! Addiction intervention is the option.

The NuLife Residential Treatment Program provides addiction intervention services nationwide that includes planning, guidance, follow-through and everything in between.  Our national network of addiction interventionists includes some of the most highly regarded, experienced treatment specialists who are more than trained and certified, they are caring and empathetic.  These are professionals who have not only trained relentlessly for what they do, but in most cases, have walked your path as well as the path of your suffering loved one.  They have seen and experienced all sides of the equation!


~ Pre-planning and coordinating
~ Instruction & family guidance prior to event
~ Thorough guidance throughout the intervention process
~ Contingency planning
~ Travel accompaniment to the facility
~ Initial case management and integration into the program

The above elements are merely the technical side of the process.  The truth of the matter is that there is one goal in mind, and that is to succeed fully in getting the client into a pre-arranged treatment scenario as quickly as possible following the event.  Maybe they’re scared, feeling lost, abandoned, upset or more than likely, all of the above!  And they should be.  Their feelings are raw and are not accustomed to being exposed after so much time having been suppressed and muffled by mind-numbing substances.

If you’re reading this page and are filled with confusion, questions, concerns or anything of the sort, rest assured our highly trained staff is available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (888) 508-1179.  We encourage you to call and ask as many questions as you wish.  We’re here to guide you as you begin the journey to a new freedom and a new existence…

NuLife Treatment is available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week at

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