Long Term Success For Addiction Recovery

Long Term Success For Addiction Recovery

NuLife Treatment is committed to setting the stage for quality, long-term recovery on the part of each & every client that enters our program…

In the words of Gordon B. Hinkley, “Life isn’t just to be endured, it is to be enjoyed.”  Isn’t this so true?  No matter how many ups and downs we may face on a day-to-day basis, in the final analysis, may we all reply “Yes” to the question of, “Was I able to enjoy my life?”

For a person bound by the grips of addiction the concept of pure enjoyment is often times elusive.  We are a unique people with a condition that has torn us apart bit by bit, slowly stripping from us the things we once held near and dear in our lives.  And nearly every addiction treatment professional will agree that, without a renewed sense of joy and a valued existence based on internal forces, as opposed to the material world, the likelihood for quality long-term sobriety is next to nil.  After all, if a newly sober person cannot begin to find the simple joys of living without the use of mind-altering chemicals then why even bother, right?  It makes perfect sense and it is true beyond words!

The NuLife Treatment approach digs deep in a way that transcends the simplicity of materialistic joy.  We strive to unearth the client’s soulful path in life and that which creates the connection to the world around them.  Our approach to recovery takes several forms, all of which complement each other in a way that truly sets a stage for long-term quality sobriety.

With our innovative 60-day program,we have found that this provides structure to our client,allowing them to reintegrate themselves back into society utilizing the tools in which they learned through residential treatment.Through our extensive outpatient program,our clients are encouraged to continue receiving therapeutic care in order to achieve long term success in their recovery process.

Our interest is in seeing you flourish for years to come!We want you to face your struggles head-on and celebrate your successes,all within the relam of living a valued and joyful sober experience.

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