Medical Detox – An Integrative Approach

Medical Detox and Suboxone Treatment CenterRegardless of the client’s detoxification needs, our primary focus is comfort, safety and success.  During this drug detox process our team of physicians and support staff will administer safe, appropriate medications designed specifically for the individual client.  In conjunction, we integrate various support elements consisting of enhanced nutrition, holistic components and more.

Our team of physicians are specially trained beyond state and federal licensing requirements. They bring forth substantial experience and added credentialing by such oversight bodies as ASAM and ABAM. These medical professionals understand the world of chemical dependency at its core. More importantly though, they understand the importance of utilizing the initial drug detox period as a transition point into true recovery and ultimately, long-term sobriety.

At NuLife Treatment, 99% of our clients complete medical detox and move forward with their recovery program via residential treatment.  This is the best way to begin building a foundation in recovery. As a matter of fact, there is a substantial difference in likelihood for long-term recovery between those transitioning into treatment versus those immediately returning to their previous lifestyle following detox.

Our goal of medical detox is to manage the physical and psychological changes that occur over time through prolonged drug and/or alcohol use. We use the following approaches, among others, to ensure a safe, comfortable and effective experience:

  • – In-depth initial assessment
  • – Customized medication regimen
  • – Massage therapy
  • – Nutrition and supplements
  • – Neurofeedback

The medical staff is credentialed in a variety of addiction detox approaches such as; Suboxone, Subutex, Naltrexone and others, and while these have shown great success over recent years, we firmly believe in the importance of using multiple add-ons in order to bolster the overall effectiveness.

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