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We believe in the power of music, and regardless of yours or your loved ones background in this regard, this type of therapeutic approach can broaden your spiritual and conceptual horizons to infinite degrees. Recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism is a process that often knows no bounds, and when the soul lights up through new channels it opens new pathways that may never have been exposed. NuLife Recovery’s Music Therapy & Studio is a unique therapeutic tool that can broaden the scope of any treatment program and support the addiction recovery process.

History and Research has shown that music has a significant affect on human emotion and mood.Music therapy has shown to be beneficial for those struggling with stress,depression,anxiety,ADD/ADHD,physical pain,PTSD, and more. Music therapy assists in relaxation,improving mood,motor skills,communication, and enhancing the overall quality of life,especially those struggling with alcohol and addiction.

NuLife Recording Studio | NuLife RecoveryFor the Musician or Music Professional:

-MacBook Pro
-Logic Pro
-Pro Tools HD
-Genelec Speakers
-2 Neumaan TLM 103 Mics
-Akai MPK 49 Midi Controller
-2 Brent Averill Mic Pre’s
-MPC 3000
-Moog Voyager
-32 Channel Mackie Board
-Alesis QS8 64 Voice Keyboard
-Vintage Gretsch Drum Kit
-2 Cerwin Vega 18″ Speakers


Music Therapy & Studio | NuLife Recovery


The NuLife music therapy program for addiction recovery is truly unique. Many drug rehab centers may offer something of this type to a certain degree, however through our experience and full-scale professional recording studio we are able to reach new heights in merging sounds and melodies within the addiction treatment process. Through this therapy process we are able to tap into the client’s state of being in a manner has shown tremendous success with creating new avenues of ease, clarity, comfort and calm.

Addiction and alcoholism are often described as 3-fold illnesses affecting the mind, body and soul. Of these three elements, the mind and soul are of key importance when it comes to empowering the individual in not taking that first drink or drug. They comprise the bedrock of the person’s state of mind and sense of wholeness. They are the key elements that divide active sobriety and active addiction; and unfortunately for people of this type there is simply no middle ground.

The music therapy program for addiction here at NuLife is primary among an array of therapeutic tools we use in broadening the scope of mind/soul treatment. The process looks at each client from an individual point of view and addresses multiple avenues that can lead to firmer foundation in early sobriety. Whether he or she is foreign to the world of music or even a star performer, our staff is able to offer something new and often times, something quite special.

Interested in hearing one of the songs created in NuLife’s studio? Take a listen below!

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