Naltrexone, a treatment for alcoholism approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, is now being studied as a potential treatment for methamphetamine addiction. In the first study of its kind, UCLA researchers delved deeper into the effects of the medication and the possible use of treating addictions other than alcoholism. Published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, the study found Naltrexone to be a promising treatment for meth addiction. The drug has minimal side effects and is generally well tolerated.

“The scientists found that Naltrexone significantly reduced the subjects’ craving for methamphetamine, and that it made them less aroused by methamphetamine: Subjects’ heart rates and pulse readings both were significantly higher when they were given the placebo than when they took Naltrexone. In addition, participants taking Naltrexone had lower heart rates and pulses when they were presented with their drug paraphernalia than those who were given placebos.”

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