Positively impacting 1,000,000 lives,
Rebuilding the individual,
Rebuilding the family.


Our approach at NuLife Treatment Center emphasizes the individual. The goal is to target the underlying components driving the addiction through specialized clinical care that focuses on the unique characteristics of each client. With long-term recovery in mind, our services concentrate on the importance of developing practical and applicable tools that set the foundation for managing mental health issues, overcoming destructive behavioral patterns and forming a valued support network that encourages continued growth in sobriety.

NuLife Treatment Center supports our clients’ needs by providing treatment at their fingertips. With remote access to individual and group sessions, clients are able to receive treatment from our outpatient facilities as well as any other confidential setting with a computer and Wi-Fi connection through our telemedicine program.


NuLife Treatment Center offers structured dual diagnosis programs for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Our comprehensive continuum of treatment services ensures that clients receive the appropriate level of care based on their specific needs. We utilize evidence-based treatments to support each individual’s unique capacity for success in their recovery.



We believe integrity is everything. At NuLife Wellness we begin and end with integrity. Confidence, respect and inclusiveness are the ideals we champion on a daily basis.


At Nulife we try to live every day in a state of gratitude. gratitude improves our health, relationships, emotions, personality, and career. At NuLife we are grateful everyday for what we have and for having the skills to live as an example to our team and clients.


Nulife is a place where clients come together to help each other through the early days of sobriety. Offering help to others and being of service is essential to any program of recovery. Our community will be a place where you can ask for help, offer help, and be a dependable shoulder to lean on during this difficult time.