This week drug enforcement officials released a nationwide alert regarding the dangers of fentanyl, an opioid and prescription drug that is now being illegally produced for street use. Fentanyl, prescribed as a pain reliever and anesthetic for the terminally ill, is used to increase the potency and strength of heroin. What users often do not understand, however, is that fentanyl is up to 100x stronger than morphine and 50x more powerful than heroin, meaning that even a tiny dose can be lethal.

The DEA is linking fentanyl use and production to the spike in deadly overdoses in the United States over the past year. Drug busts for fentanyl have also seen much higher numbers over the past year. This outbreak of the drug is affecting users nationally and the DEA wants the public to be educated about the massive risks associated with fentanyl to prevent further overdoses.

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