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Our philosophy is quite simple; it is to help individuals and their loved ones attain and sustain lifelong addiction recovery by providing hope, inspiring recovery and showing them how to live a new life.  How we do it entails a complex approach that often exceeds what you might come to expect from the typical residential drug rehab center.

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The NuLife Treatment Mission

In utilizing a blend of highly effective approaches presented by a team of talented, caring and experienced clinicians, our mission remains to consistently reach new heights as we individually transition each client from the depths of personal struggles into a life-long journey founded on quality sobriety and a valued life.

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Being located in Southern California, specifically in Woodland Hills and Calabasas, near the Los Angeles and Ventura County line, we often see and hear stories of suffering addicts & alcoholics who, for one reason or another, have continued to struggle within the scope of chemical dependency, relapse, addict behaviors and so forth.  Their families watch as the suffering loved one chases the elusive dream of attaining quality sobriety.  As time passes, the relapsing and damaging behavior begins to manifest in the form of broken families and loss of hope…  It’s heartbreaking; and worst of all is that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Our philosophy is that individualized substance abuse treatment doesn’t go far enough and/or is not focused in the right direction.  The unique characteristics of the individual must be addressed.  The underlying components driving their addiction must be addressed.  Their inability to enjoy simple pleasures in life must be addressed just as much as their clinical deficiencies and damaging behavioral patterns.  There is so much at stake…health, the family, the career, hope & dreams, basic joy, love, etc!

“Hope” in and of itself is not enough, it must be harnessed into something valued and lasting.  Our philosophy is based on long-term success through integrative recovery services that are practical and applicable to the whole individual.  Whether you or your loved one struggle with drug addiction, alcoholism, co-occurring disorders or anything of the like, the NuLife Treatment Philosophy is much more than words!

We invite you to read on and get to know this unique treatment approach from a personal perspective.  Welcome to NuLife Residential Treatment Center.


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