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Outpatient IOP Treatment | NuLife Recovery

NuLife Treatment Center’s Outpatient Program is for adults (18+). Our outpatient center offers group therapy,individual therapy,workshops, and our wellness program.Group types include relapse prevention,cross addiction,relationships,family systems,stress management,anger management,grief and loss,empowerment, and more.

Upon admission into the program, each client meets with licensed clinicians, therapists and any other specialists that may be required in addressing special needs and/or circumstances.  Our Los Angeles, CA based facilities are afforded a fantastic array of staff and services that are able to address various matters such as:

          • – Alcohol abuse and dependency
          • – Cannabis abuse and dependency
          • -Opiate abuse and dependency
          • -Barbiturate abuse and dependency
          • – Sex addiction
          • – Compulsive eating
          • – Compulsive shopping
          • – Depression
          • – Anxiety
          • -PTSD and trauma related disorders
          • – Bi polar disorder
          • – ADD/ADHD
          • – Chronic pain
          • – Co-dependency 
          • – Eating disorders
          • – and more.

An initial treatment plan will be designed for each client to fit his or her individual needs. Case managers will assist clients in achieving their objectives for each week, each month and so on.  Completion of goals will be a mandatory requirement to complete our program. Additionally, weekly onsite drug/alcohol screening will be performed by our staff to ensure the client’s ongoing sobriety as well as the overall environment integrity & safety.

Unlike the vast majority of typical outpatient centers, the NuLife Treatment outpatient approach is founded upon a belief that everyone deserves a realistic shot at true happiness.  We consider it an honor to play such a critical role in our client’s early recovery!  Regardless of who you are or the array of issues you may be facing, rest assured we offer a very effective and highly successful outpatient recovery solution.

Counseling | NuLife Recovery

Counseling and Therapy

Group counseling experiences are led by group facilitators and clinicians. Group types include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, somatic experiencing, and motivational interviewing. These daily sessions provide educational and challenging experiences for clients to engage and work through the recovery process.

Music therapy, neuro feedback, and aromatherapy are also available to clients for therapeutic purposes and personal development.

Outpatient Wellness | NuLife Recovery

Health & Wellness

The Intensive Outpatient Program promotes health and wellness of clients through the inclusion of our wellness program, gym & fitness club,
and nutritional workshops. Recreational activities and massage are available as additional wellness tools.

The resources and programming help to encourage long-term health goals and awareness of adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Professional Services | NuLife Recovery

Professional & Educational Services

The Intensive Outpatient Program provides a variety of workshops to promote both educational and professional development.

From guest speaker events and training workshops to educational programming and resume building, these events provide a plethora of
interesting and informative opportunities for clients in the Intensive Outpatient Program.

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