The name Palcohol sounds silly, almost like a joke – but it’s not.  Powdered alcohol was developed by Mark Philips, owner of a company named Lipsmark LLC who is currently seeking a patent on the product. However, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) approved Palcohol in March of 2015.

Despite its approval by the TTB, there are significant efforts to try to ban Palcohol for many reasons. In fact, currently, Ohio state legislators introduced legislation in 2014 that would ban Palcohol and all other powdered alcohol. Additionally, Iowa state legislators introduced legislation in 2015 that would ban Palcohol and all other powdered alcohol. It’s possible that other state legislators are preparing to do the same.

Palcohol is a powdered version of vodka, rum and three cocktails, containing the same alcoholic content. The three cocktail versions are Cosmopolitan, Powderita (which is supposed to mimic a Margarita), and Lemon Drop. To use Palcohol, you can add water and then a flavored drink of some sort to make the drink you’re after. Or you can use a drink mix and then combine that with the powder.

Of course, there are a long list of dangers, such as snorting it, spiking someone else’s drink, hiding it a little too easily, and not to mention the fact that it could encourage someone already vulnerable to alcohol addiction to get drunk on it.

Sadly, the website for Palcohol doesn’t indicate that it fully understands these dangers. And instead, it presents an argument for the reasons why it’s silly to ban the product. Perhaps there little recognition that alcohol continues to be the cause of millions of deaths around the world.

Alcohol is a factor involved in the cause of car accidents and a large percentage of crime. For instance, 40% of those in prison were under the influence of alcohol while they committed their crimes. Although alcohol isn’t the deciding factor on whether these inmates would have committed their crime or not, alcohol does lower inhibitions and affect one’s judgment. Furthermore, many suicides take place because of effect of alcohol. If that person were not under the influence, it’s possible that he or she would have made a different choice.

Alcohol also kills by harming the body each time it’s used. The body will begin to deteriorate in a variety of ways. For instance, long-term alcohol consumption can affect nearly every organ in the body, including the brain. Heavy drinking can affect coordination, thiamine deficiency, and other forms of poor nutrition. Alcoholism can lead to illnesses having to do with the heart, such as hypertension and an irregular heartbeat. It can also cause impotence, irregular menstrual cycles, pancreatitis, stroke, confusion, and amnesia. Alcoholism can also wreak havoc on the functioning of the brain.

Unfortunately, the makers of Palcohol seem to demonstrate a misunderstanding of the severe consequences that might result from the distribution of this product. You can read some of their comments on Gawker. The quotes are taken from an older version of the Palcohol website, which is no longer available.

Perhaps in the future, other states, not just Iowa and Ohio, will also ban the product for the safety of people around the world.

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