A large portion of the American public is under the impression that smoking e-cigarettes or “vaping” has no negative effect on health; this is clearly still up for debate, and with it comes concern for children of parents who smoke e-cigs. As vaping has grown in popularity, calls to poison centers have also increased. A new study out of St. Louis’s Washington University of Medicine published in Academic Pediatrics has shown that many parents are unaware of the risks that e-cigarettes pose to their children. The flavored liquid mix of nicotine, glycol and glycerin can seem appealing to children, and ingesting just a teaspoon of this liquid could be lethal for a child. While the risks are avoidable, most parents and even pediatricians are not aware of the dangers due to the newness of e-cigarettes and vaping. The Wash U researchers recommend that pediatricians discuss parental nicotine use and address e-cig use, as any exposure, internally or even to the skin, can be harmful for kids.

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