Let’s face it. Sobriety is a goal. Just like any goal, you’ve got to create a clear vision for yourself. And then do everything in your power to bring that vision to life. Although the challenge of getting sober has many facets to it, in the end, it’s simply a goal to reach.

This isn’t to reduce the great transformation of getting sober into a shallow goal of making more money. Certainly, maintaining sobriety is a life changing experience, short of being reborn. And at the same time, in very basic terms, it’s a goal to achieve.

In order to look at sobriety in these terms, you might need to figure out what you’re going to need to get there. Once you recognize the magnitude of the goal you want to achieve, you might realize that you’re going to need more than you thought at first. For instance, you might be able to see that you need more support. Perhaps you have friends and family around you, and perhaps you’re working with a drug counselor. But maybe you need a therapist to help you work through some earlier experiences in your life. Perhaps you need a mentor to help motivate you on your journey towards sobriety. Getting very clear about the goal can facilitate what you need in order to reach it.

In addition to support and assistance, you might need motivation from the beginning. Perhaps you’re aware that you are a bit lazy or maybe you tend to be too pessimistic. Perhaps you need a purpose behind your goal of sobriety. If you can attach meaning to it, it might be easier to achieve. Sometimes, it takes finding the meaning in something to feel committed towards a goal. For instance, you might have fulfillment in your career; that meaning can propel a commitment towards sobriety. Knowing that you might lose your job if you were to keep drinking might drive you to stay committed to sobriety. Or maybe you have a great love for your children and it’s the love you have for them that’s keeping you on track in your recovery. Finding a sense of meaning and purpose can also be a great boost to reaching your goal.

Another clear motivator to keep you on track towards sobriety is the many benefits that come with no longer struggling with an addiction. You might feel happier, lighter, healthier, and more fulfilled. You’re likely to have more meaningful relationships and connections. You might be able to be more at ease with yourself and others. And you may no longer struggle with the heavy emotions you once did. Or if you do, you know how to manage them in healthy ways.

Getting in touch with the size of the goal ahead can give you a clear perspective on what you need to reach that goal. Support from friends, a reason to go after sobriety, and the benefits you’ll experience once you get there can be sources of inspiration. Exploring more sources that are unique to your life might further boost your journey of recovery along.

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