Healing and self-acceptance are incredibly important and valuable aspects of any journey to recovery. Perfectionism and negative thinking will not support your journey, and for this reason it is important to work toward improved self image and self-acceptance. Here are seven ways to practice this in your daily life:

1. Become aware of yourself- how you compare, judge, criticize, etc. and bring yourself back to self-acceptance.

2. Practice becomes habit, so keep practicing what you want to improve.

3. Release judgment and know that you are beautiful.

4. Be your own friend. Practice acceptance and compassion toward others and stop yourself from any judgment.

5. Don’t participate in stigma about body type- in fact, challenge it! Self-acceptance and assurance are important to any individual’s journey, and body image plays a big role in that.

6. Listen to your body and give it the sleep, food, and comfort that it needs.

7. Live the big life that you imagine for yourself. Practice loving yourself and know that you are not alone in your journey.

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