The popularity of electronic dance music, or EDM, and rave culture has increased worldwide in recent years, and many researchers are interested in better understanding the correlation between music festivals and drug use. A study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence examined the relationship between rave attendance and recent drug use across a sample of high school seniors. The researchers, out of NYU’s Center for Drug Use and HIV Research, found that illicit drug use was approximately 20% higher among rave attendees as compared to those who did not attend.

“Use of each illicit drug other than marijuana was at least twice as prevalent among rave attendees, and the common “club drugs” ketamine and GHB were both almost six-times more prevalent among attendees. Higher frequency of rave attendance was consistently associated with higher odds for reporting recent use of each of the drugs assessed, especially use of the party drugs LSD, ketamine, GHB and methamphetamine.”

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