Having a talk with your children about alcohol and drug use can be a very important conversation for their future well being. It is never too early to start discussing alcohol and drug abuse with your children, according to the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Because tobacco and alcohol are legal once one reaches a certain age, it is important to start this conversation with your children early. Understanding what is okay for “grown-ups” when they are old enough can be a good way to start the dialogue. Nichole Dawsey from Prevention Services at the NCADA recommends to first explain prescription drugs, followed by alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances. While some parents fear that talking about drugs could lead to their children’s use of these substances, it is more important for your child to understand that he or she has the power to decide whether or not to partake in these types of activities. Talking with your kids and creating an open dialogue about drug use will help to educate your children and provide a resource for any questions they have.

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