The mixing of energy drinks with alcohol has already been proven dangerous to one’s health, as the mixing of an “upper,” or caffeine, with a “downer,” or alcohol, can mask the effects of the alcohol and increase other negative side effects- both physical and psychological. A new investigation out of┬áDartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center has also found that teens who mix energy drinks with alcohol were “four times more likely to meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder than a teen who has tried alcohol but never mixed it with an energy drink.” The findings cite that mixing the two types of drinks might signal development of alcohol abuse behavior, including binge drinking.

“Sargent’s team looked at a sample of 3,342 adolescents and young adults aged 15-23 years old recruited across the U.S. They found that 9.7% of adolescents aged 15-17 years old had consumed an energy drink mixed with alcohol. Analyses showed that group to have greatly increased odds of not just binge drinking, but also clinically defined criteria for alcohol use disorder.”

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