According to new research out of Stanford’s School of Medicine, most adolescents are unsure about the harms of both e-cigarettes and marijuana. While they are often very well informed about the risks and consequences stemming from smoking cigarettes, the other products are not as well understood by this age group. Stemming from concerns that more education is needed regarding marijuana and e-cigs, researchers compared knowledge of the various substances. Clearly the results have proven that further education and new campaigns will be critical to the future of young people’s drug use.

“‘Students hear a lot of talk about conventional cigarettes, some about marijuana and very little about e-cigarettes,’ Halpern-Felsher said. ‘That gap needs to be filled in classrooms and by health-care providers, parents and the media. We don’t want to leave one product behind and leave teens with the impression that, ‘Maybe this is the product I can use.””

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