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Much like any successful organization, NuLife Residential Treatment is immensely proud of what we do and how we do it. Not a single day goes by without us asking ourselves, “How can we do it better?” We aspire for greatness each and every day, and the greatest gift of all is seeing our program graduates excelling in their new sober lifestyles as sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, employees, spouses and so on. There simply is no greater gift!

We always welcome feedback and the sharing of personal successes while in our care as well as long afterwards. Whether it’s from a grateful parent or a loving spouse or the client themselves or anything of the like, we proudly present the testimonials below as an organization dedicated to improving lives and rebuilding families…

Karen B. (California)

NuLife treatment center has helped me regain my sobriety and give me hope for the future.  When I arrived at NuLife my soul was shattered and the future seemed very bleek.  Thanks to the excellent Therapist, Counselors and staff, I was able to get the help I needed.  The individual... Read More

Angel O. (Los Angeles, CA)

I have been to many treatment centers. I’ve been fighting addiction and depression for many years. NuLife was the only treatment center to embrace me with open arms. They set up a plan to help get my life back in order. It’s really homey and comfortable here. It feels like... Read More

Alexis C. (AZ)

NuLife Treatment Center is by far the greatest gift in my life this far. It’s given me tremendous hope for my recovery and my future. The staff here is almost the best part about it. They are willing to work with you as long as you are willing to work... Read More

Rita P. (Chatsworth, CA)

Motivation, patience, and hope were all instilled in me the moment I received treatment… or rather my NULIFE from this phenomenal facility. Hope was an incredible motivator for me. I had given up and NuLife opened me to the road of recovery. Once gaining this family “support” it kept me... Read More

Richard C. (Kauai, Hawaii)

My experience here has given me a new outlook on life; before coming here I had no hope. Before coming to NuLife all I wished for was death, the traumas as a young boy involving violence, sexual assault and drug use for 30 years. Through this program I have now... Read More

Josh K. (Fresno, CA)

I’ve been to many treatment centers in the past and I can truly see a difference from when I entered the NuLife family. Everyone here cares about each individual. I’ve learned to love myself for the first time. When I first got here they took me in and I felt... Read More

Bobby E. (Philadelphia, PA)

This was my first treatment center and I always heard horror stories about treatment centers- but this place is so far from any of those stories I’ve heard. I came here willingly and it’s only been 28 days and I feel like this place saved my life. The staff here... Read More

Blayne C. (Fresno, CA)

HARP NuLife saved my life. I’ve been drinking heavily since 15 years old and destroyed my life and I’m now 25 years old. For years, things just kept getting worse and worse, and I slipped deeply into my alcoholism. I came to NuLife in November of 2014 and I’m being... Read More

John A. (Denver, CO)

I want to take a moment to say thank you.

The life changing service provided by Nu-Life Recovery has been the backbone of my ongoing recovery. I feel as though I have been given a gift, not a second or even a third chance at life, but a gift that... Read More

Emily M. (San Diego, California)

entered NuLife Treatment Center after four years of sobriety. Even though I had the grace of God not to drink for 4 years, I was still self-destructive in the choices I made and was plagued with alcoholic thinking. I had been to 100’s of AA meetings and worked the... Read More

Paul W. (Los Angeles, California)

When I first arrived at Nulife Recovery Center, I was nervous, shy, depressed, and without my family. The individuals at Nulife Recovery Center showed me how to live again without the use of any substances. The entire staff was honest, supportive, loving, understanding, helped me overcome my emotional distress and... Read More

Scott S. (Overland Park, Kansas)

Before coming to NuLife Recovery Treatment Center, I had lost all hope. Being consumed by my addiction brought me to a very dark place in my life. I lost the ability to take care of myself. I was unable to see the good within me. Upon arrival, Nulife welcomed me... Read More

Brendan L. (Long Beach, California)

Before coming to NuLife I was a hopeless dope fiend that didn’t love myself and had no clue how to live life without drugs or alcohol. The amazing treatment team have taught me how to love myself again and helped me build my self-esteem. Most of the treatment team here... Read More

Ryan J. (St. Stephan, Minnesota)

Life is so great these days I can’t thank anyone but God and the people at nulife treatment center, they have helped me grow drastically. I am so grateful I just would like to give a huge shout out to Kage Njaka for giving me this opportunity to grow and... Read More

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