When I first arrived at NuLife Recovery Center, I was nervous, shy, depressed, and without my family. The individuals at NuLife Recovery Center showed me how to live again without the use of any substances. The entire staff was honest, supportive, loving, understanding, helped me overcome my emotional distress and addiction. My four months there changed my life, and I am now happy, successful, and motivate to achieve my goals. They have a lay back environment and a diversity of activities to do. Their music therapy helped me a lot. I have since reunited with my family, have a full time job, have a sponsor and go to meeting regularly. NuLife Recovery Center changed my life!

Paul W.

Los Angeles, California

I have been to many treatment centers. I’ve been fighting addiction and depression for many years. NuLife was the only treatment center to embrace me with open arms. They set up a plan to help get my life back in order. It’s really homey and comfortable here. It feels like I have a caring family in sobriety that is willing to go the extra mile for me everyday that I am here. For this I am truly grateful.

Angel O.

Los Angeles, CA

Motivation, patience, and hope were all instilled in me the moment I received treatment… or rather my NuLife from this phenomenal facility. Hope was an incredible motivator for me. I had given up and NuLife opened me to the road of recovery. Once gaining this family “support” it kept me from going back to my old ways. I now have hope that the years ahead hold more joy and a fulfilling life. I no longer want to go back into all the pain and sickness. I know now that my eating disorder and alcoholism won’t and wouldn’t get me the things I dream and hope for. I’ve had support from Kristi, Cyd and Sheena. I’ve progressed through various stages of my illness. I’ve confidently gained ambition to succeed. To feel my feelings, my life is blessed and bountiful. If I had known how good it could be and that full recovery was possible I would have changed a long time ago. I won’t paint a pretty picture; going through the process is torturous at times. However being at NuLife has been also the most rewarding and most insightful experience I have and will ever have. I feel lucky to have gone through it because I am stronger, wiser and a healthier person now and I feel I have the skills to navigate this world that are far greater than those who have not had my experiences. I believe in myself now and because of that I know I can continue into being fully recovered.

Rita P.

Chatsworth, CA

I’ve been to many treatment centers in the past and I can truly see a difference from when I entered the NuLife family. Everyone here cares about each individual. I’ve learned to love myself for the first time. When I first got here they took me in and I felt the love and acceptance. The NuLife team and family has made treatment a safe environment and positive home for me.

Josh K.

Fresno, CA

HARP NuLife saved my life. I’ve been drinking heavily since 15 years old and destroyed my life and I’m now 25 years old. For years, things just kept getting worse and worse, and I slipped deeply into my alcoholism. I came to NuLife in November of 2014 and I’m being discharged May 1st. In that short amount of time I changed my life around for the better, due to the amazing staff and program here. I’ve been to two treatment facilities before NuLife and have been in and out of the rooms of AA for three years now. For the first time in my life I have reached 6 months sobriety and I have given myself to my program and surrendered to God because of wanting change. HARP NuLife and the staff helped me to realize and do all of the above because the staff here are the most loving and caring people I have met in ANY TREATMENT FACILITY! The program here individualizes each person’s needs and works to fulfill and help what is needed for each and every client. I strongly recommend anyone who reads this who is suffering, or knows of someone who is, to please contact the facility and get them in here ASAP. This place saved my life and I welcome all into this loving and nurtured environment.

Blayne C.

Fresno, CA

I entered NuLife Treatment Center after four years of sobriety. Even though I had the grace of God not to drink for 4 years, I was still self-destructive in the choices I made and was plagued with alcoholic thinking. I had been to 100’s of AA meetings and worked the 12 steps more than once. Because of this and some life occurrences that were out of my control, my life was falling apart in every way. It was my psychiatrist who recognized this and I realized that he was correct.

I don’t think that it was by chance I was led to NuLife although it was very random. I was so stubborn that I truly thought I was a hopeless case even though God gave me plenty of gifts. NULIFE SAVED MY LIFE! All of the staff there truly care, down to the Executive Chef. It is really like a family. Kristie takes her job home with her. She would check on me when she was off the clock to make sure I was ok and doing the things she felt were important for my mental state. Abby taught me why I do certain things and make the choices that I do as well as the repercussions they can have. I learned about delayed-gratification, sitting in pain without numbing it and this too shall pass. Rachel was my counselor and such a bright light! She helped me to get to the root of my self- esteem issues, work on my life plan and helped me to find healthy hobbies that had always been a struggle for me.

I left with the confidence I had at age 20 before it was destroyed from alcoholism. I can’t thank these people enough… I will truly always be indebted!

Emily M.

San Diego, CA

Before coming to NuLife I was a hopeless dope fiend that didn’t love myself and had no clue how to live life without drugs or alcohol. The amazing treatment team have taught me how to love myself again and helped me build my self-esteem. Most of the treatment team here are in recovery themselves and they shared with me their experience, strength and hope in order to help me stay clean and sober. They take us to 12-step meetings which is a very important part of my recovery. NuLife guided me in the right direction to get my life back and helped bring joy back into my everyday life and I will forever be grateful for their facility and the wonderful staff here.

Brendan L.

Long Beach, CA

Life is so great these days I can’t thank anyone but God and the people at nulife treatment center, they have helped me grow drastically. I am so grateful I just would like to give a huge shout out to Kage Njaka for giving me this opportunity to grow and succeed, I have a life now thanks to you man! You’re amazing and your staff are absolutely wonderful thanks again for helping me so far. Love you guys so much!

Ryan J.

St. Stephan, Minnesota

NuLife treatment center has helped me regain my sobriety and give me hope for the future. When I arrived at NuLife my soul was shattered and the future seemed very bleek. Thanks to the excellent Therapist, Counselors and staff, I was able to get the help I needed. The individual care that was given to me was above all the greatest gift. My sincere thanks to Abby & Kim for all there support and help, I will cherish you guys always.

Anybody looking for a treatment center, what sets NuLife apart from the rest is the strong interpersonal relationships that are built between the Therapist and Counselors. The amount of trust that was afforded to me, allowed me to feel safe and confidant enough to open up and start the healing process.
Thank you for all the tools you have given me to begin my journey.

Karen B


NuLife Treatment Center is by far the greatest gift in my life this far. It’s given me tremendous hope for my recovery and my future. The staff here is almost the best part about it. They are willing to work with you as long as you are willing to work for yourself and with their help. They are friendly, and they keep everything in order. The facility is absolutely beautiful and extremely therapeutic. The program is very relaxing and also very structured. They mix it up throughout the week with AA and NA meetings to meet anyone’s needs. The groups are helpful throughout the day and cover every aspect of recovery. This is above and beyond what I expected for treatment.

Alexis C.


My experience here has given me a new outlook on life; before coming here I had no hope. Before coming to NuLife all I wished for was death, the traumas as a young boy involving violence, sexual assault and drug use for 30 years. Through this program I have now learned to love myself through the loving and nurturing therapy the counselors and therapists have provided. For somebody who has never had anyone truly love them I see that staff really loves clients. Their selflessness continues to inspire and drive me to be a better person and to guide me through my road of recovery.

Coming from a thug in a world of violence, this hasn’t been a line of BS- this is just my personal experience with NuLife. Much love to all the staff and thank you for giving me a new outlook on life, where there’s actual love and kindness in the world. God Bless

Richard C.

Kauai, Hawaii

This was my first treatment center and I always heard horror stories about treatment centers- but this place is so far from any of those stories I’ve heard. I came here willingly and it’s only been 28 days and I feel like this place saved my life. The staff here is amazing; from the therapists and counselors to the client advocates, they all really care and help out any way they can. I love it here and know that I will be a one stop here and I’ll leave with what I need to deal with the real world and the temptations it will have. I am learning who I am for the first time in 20 years, I’m finally finding myself and it’s amazing the change I’ve seen in myself in the short time I’ve been here. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs help. If you are tight on money they even work with you with payment plans. I had to and it was nice to know they would do anything to help get a person in need here.

Bobby E.

Philadelphia, PA

I want to take a moment to say thank you.

The life changing service provided by Nu-Life Recovery has been the backbone of my ongoing recovery. I feel as though I have been given a gift, not a second or even a third chance at life, but a gift that is life.

I came to Nu-Life with, what I thought was a “problem” with alcohol. It didn’t take long for me to understand that alcohol was not my problem, it was just a way for me to not deal with the real issues I was facing in my life. The guidance I received at Nu-Life was especially helpful in learning how to face life without a crutch. Group meetings were informative and educational for the most part. Occasionally I thought the group sessions were not helpful to my particular situation. Now that I am looking back, what I thought at the time was a wasted hour of drawing pictures, was actually another way of getting me to look at myself, honestly. I have caught myself doodling when faced with a difficult decision, kind of funny. Owls and feathers seem to draw themselves at times. When I see pictures on sidewalks now when I’m walking I wonder what they meant to the child drawing them.

I have been tested many times since I left your facility. Each time I am able to look back and remember something that was done or said that did not make sense to me at the time, and now is an important lesson. I believe that in time I will find meaning and understanding to everything that happened while I was there. I am extremely grateful for the experience.

Thank you all for everything…

John A.

Denver, CO

Before coming to NuLife Recovery Treatment Center, I had lost all hope. Being consumed by my addiction brought me to a very dark place in my life. I lost the ability to take care of myself. I was unable to see the good within me. Upon arrival, Nulife welcomed me with open arms. I was greeted by the owners, Kage and JD. They assured me I was in good hands and after 20 min of talking with them, a sense of hope began to surface. The compassion in their voices was that of reassurance that I had come to the right place. I truly felt at ease for the first time in a long time. I knew I was right where I needed to be as I embarked on my new path. After arriving to the treatment center I was introduced to the staff. The staff was hand picked by JD and Kage, which only signifies the passion that is within them to build the best team possible for their clients. The love, compassion, and respect radiated from each person I met. Such unique individuals but all shared the same vision of helping me find what I had lost. Thus began the process of getting to know one another. They then began by asking me about my past and what I wanted to achieve. Becoming clean was the first part of my recovery. They had me tell my story, where I have been, and what I have been through that led me to them. They helped me see the errors of my past with group discussions, skill building techniques, and personalized one on one sessions.

I have been able to restore my lost hope, faith, and inner strength. I have been able to build my confidence back, to feel my self worth, and understand that I can do anything I put my mind to. I see now that with hard work I can achieve the happy and fulfilled life I know I deserve. Some of the programs that are offered which have helped me tremendously are stress relief therapy, guided meditation for pain and anger management, ability to go to the gym as an out lit, and Tai Chi training. I have suffered with Lyme disease nearly all my life and having a chef within the house that has been able to accommodate to my specific needs has provided me with even more of a sense of comfort and belonging. This truly is an individualized program to fit each persons needs towards the progress of recovery and they have certainly met mine. From day one, the program has been referred to as the spiritual family and I never quite understood that until recently. I truly have found my spiritual family that provides me with guidance and understanding towards my path in life. I believe that NuLife was the best decision I have ever made to better myself and show others that a clean and sober life is possible if you are willing to do the work.

Scott S.

Overland Park, Kansas