Addicts aren’t known to have much self-discipline. They tend to engage in pleasure when they want it. When there’s a craving for cocaine, someone who is addicted will enjoy the experience despite the immense consequences that emerge as a result.  However, with sobriety and recovery, the choices one makes must make a complete turnaround. This article will explore the necessity of self-discipline in sobriety and ease the challenge of staying disciplined.

Self-discipline can mean many things to many people. It is not the act of having to bear with incredible challenge and keep yourself imprisoned. Instead, self-discipline is the willingness to put a few limitations on behavior in order to gain something or make life better in some way. Although some people might believe that self-discipline is a great challenge, it’s best to remember what you’re gaining by the limitations you place upon yourself.

For instance, sobriety is going to require some effort and persistence. It’s going to require some self-restraint. When you’re used to the freedom of doing what you want when you want, the loss of that freedom is going to feel uncomfortable at first. However, those who are in recovery recognize that the self-restraint they put upon themselves is for good reason: they don’t want to lose their family, friends, career, or home. They are willing to face discomfort for the greater comforts of life, including the meaning of family relationships, and the fulfillment of having a career.

If you know that you’re going to need self-discipline but you’re not sure how to begin, you should know that self –discipline is something that needs to be built over time. It is a skill that anyone can develop. In fact, self-discipline is a habit. The challenge of developing it comes in the beginning. After a couple of months of being disciplined, it will become second nature. For instance, at the start of recovery it might feel uncomfortable to restrain from alcohol or drugs, especially if you are physically and psychologically addicted. However, as time passes, and as you continue to refrain from drinking or drug use, life without those things will become easier and easier.

Here are a few ways of developing self-discipline in order to refrain from any sort of substance use:

  • -Use a system of rewards and punishments.
  • -Attend classes such as martial arts or yoga which require certain levels of self-discipline and help to develop it.
  • -Write out as clearly as possible the sobriety and recovery goals you have. Knowing where you want to go can help you make choices to get there.
  • -Spend time with others who are self-disciplined and notice the benefits they experience in their lives.
  • -Keep a journal to track your progress.


Self discipline doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, mostly, it is the mindset that you approach it with. Instead of feeling burdened or imprisoned by self discipline, if you can remember the many benefits that you will receive as a result of staying disciplined, you’re more likely to feel the freedom of creating a new life for yourself.

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