Many people around the world want to change their life in some way. Perhaps they want to change a career, begin a relationship, lose weight, start a business, or quit using drugs and alcohol. All of these life changes require courage. Getting sober is like any other life transformation. Sure, it might come with its unique challenges, especially for those who have been drinking or using drugs for an extended period of time. However, sobriety is absolutely possible for everyone!

When change feels difficult, it might feel like there are many factors in the way. Sometimes, we are not really sure what’s in the way. Instead of being able to articulate the obstacles, we might simply feel like we can’t do it. With so many apparent forces against you, you might give up even before you’ve tried. However, looking at a list of what tends to get in the way for others might help clarify what the barriers are for you:

  • –fear of change
  • –not knowing how
  • –being overwhelmed with all that you need to do
  • –fear of chaos in your life
  • –not wanting to be uncomfortable
  • –fear of uncertainty
  • –fatigue or not having the energy to change
  • –fear of not being good enough or feeling like you don’t deserve what you want
  • –not having the time to change
  • –perfectionism
  • –waiting for something to happen
  • –too busy for change
  • –ambivalence – wanting to change but fearing it at the same time


These are common obstacles that may get in the way of moving toward the changes you want to create. Many of the items listed here are common barriers for those who are struggling with an addiction and who want get sober.

Fortunately, with any change, you can move toward it slowly. You can little by little prepare yourself. Even though sobriety is an all or nothing kind of experience – you’re either drinking or you’re not – you can work your way to sobriety by making phone calls to treatment centers, gathering your finances or health insurance information, and surrounding the support of family and friends. There are steps you can take now in order to slowly approach the change you need to make for yourself.

Here are a list of small steps you can take to help move past the barriers and begin to create change in your life:

  • –find a purpose so that your sobriety has more meaning than just getting sober – what are you doing this for?
  • –start surrounding yourself with others who have already made the change you want
  • –find someone who will hold you accountable to the changes you want to make
  • –take small action, such looking up phone numbers, calling your health insurance company, and/or finding out where AA meetings are held in your neighborhood.
  • –recognize that there is a part of you that wants to change or you wouldn’t be reading this article – that desire has power to it.


These are a few suggestions for starting to make the change you want. It’s hard to make a life transformation. But with the right support, tools, and plan, you can do it!

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