Getting sober is a hard choice. When you’re faced with the decision to keep doing what you’re doing versus get sober, sobriety is certainly not an easy decision. You’ve got to build up courage, momentum, inner strength, and commitment. You’ve got to remember, perhaps even daily, why you’ve decided to get sober and stay that way. However, at some point, a recovering addict might run out of steam. They might simply lose their connection with the reasons why they’re sober. They might not see the point anymore. This article will discuss what happens when you lose your steam in recovery and what to do about it.

Losing your momentum and inner strength might happen slowly over time. You might feel more and more stress at work, or your relationship might be taking a turn for the worst. Or your children might be getting older and they are pulling away from you more and more. With stress – no matter whether that stress is occupational, relational, emotional, or financial – it’s easy to lose the strength to stay sober. Stress can bring more cravings, desires, and memories of “the good old days”. You might even begin to think that the times when you were drinking and/or using drugs were better than they are now. You might forget the reasons why you got sober in the first place. The pain and the struggle of that time might feel a bit further away.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to relapse. When it begins to feel like things are falling apart, you might start to feel the need to escape. You might also have the simple desire to feel better. And it’s okay to want those things (!) especially when you’re feeling tense, anxious, or overwhelmed. However, the difference between staying sober and relapsing when you’re stressed is finding a way to escape or feel better in a healthy way. Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol again, you might turn to a friend, your journal, exercise, or spending time in nature.

When you begin to lose steam in your recovery and you start daydreaming about using again, you simply need some extra support. It’s incredibly hard when you’re feeling the stress of your life is falling apart. When work, family, or your social life isn’t going well, you might have those cravings, but outside help can put the steam back in your sobriety engine. With help from friends, 12-step meetings, your therapist, family, and your sponsor, you might find the momentum you once had.

Also, there are many recovery addicts who lose their steam for sobriety. It’s a normal part of the process. In fact, many recovering addicts even relapse. But they pick themselves up and start again. The point is – don’t feel bad out losing steam –it’s alright! The most important thing to remember is knowing what to do when you do lose sight of sobriety.

When you lose the strength to stay sober, gather your supports around you so that can move through those stressful times with sobriety and ease!

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