When looking for the right treatment program for you, it is important to understand the differences between psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed psychotherapists.

-Psychiatrists (M.D.s) : Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who are able to prescribe and counsel you on pharmaceutical medications.

-Psychologists (Ph.D.s & Psy.D.s) : Psychologists can be either research psychologists, who usually conduct studies at universities, or clinical psychologists, who worked on doctoral dissertations after 3-5 years of schooling.

-Licensed psychotherapists (LCSWs, LMFTs, & LPCCs) : Licensed Clinical Social Workers work most often with groups, individuals, and families in social settings like clinics and schools. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists work mostly with families, individuals, and couples regarding their relationships. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors also work with these different groups, but often in regards to career counseling.

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